GDC Technics spearheads digital continuity

Using faulty information is costly for a company. This especially applies to the aerospace industry. The use of incorrect or outdated data in this case can even jeopardise certifications, causing a plane to remain grounded. These disaster scenarios can be prevented with ‘digital continuity’. GDC Technics demonstrates what this looks like in practice.

GDC Technics specializes in aircraft modifications, MRO services, technical services, and electronic systems on a variety of aircraft. If an aircraft is in need of an extra luxurious cabin, enhanced connectivity, and entertainment provisions, GDC Technics can provide those customized solutions. GDC is capable of designing and engineering any project while maintaining full control of production, installation, and certification of significant changes in aircraft constructions, systems, and cabins.

The engineers at GDC Technics not only have to manage the end customer’s wishes, but also the requirements specified by the certification authorities. The engineers working on a project must continuously fine tune changes with each other, as well as with the original equipment manufacturer, the suppliers of parts, and other partners involved in a project. Furthermore, the engineers have to ensure the data is consistent with the aircraft type certificate.

Reliable information
An error in this process – for instance due to involved parties working with different versions of a design – can have far-stretching consequences. For this reason, GDC Technics aims to spearhead digital continuity.

Digital continuity means that everyone working on a certain product or design always has the exact same version of data objects and models at their disposal. Thus, this allows everyone involved – both internally and externally – to have the exact same reliable information at all times. Additionally, all their required data is located in one central location, which allows the engineering and certification data to be linked more easily. With this digital continuity, customers will always know the actual status of a project and can provide immediate feedback.

One data platform
Digital continuity requires one central platform where all data converges and that provides the tools needed during a project. All parties involved here have access to the one design or model, of which just one version exists.

To do so, GDC Technics selected the 3DEXPERIENCE platform of Dassault Systèmes. The Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software ENOVIA offers an extensive set of possibilities on this platform, including CAD and document management, requirements management, change and configuration management, design assessment, and release management. The three-dimensional CATIA CAD programme helps GDC Technics engineers in designing aircraft constructions.

The benefits
Using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform yields several advantages for GDC Technics:

  1. Shorter throughput times

A model-based, data-driven approach – and the use of one single database – can substantially shorten the ‘time-to-market’. GDC Technics can implement changes more rapidly. This results in lower costs for the customer and a better competitive position for GDC Technics.

  1. Improved efficiency

The departments for engineering and certification now work within the same (digital) workspace. This creates more efficient working processes. As all information is in one single location, a certification engineer can, for example, link documents to projects and document requirements more swiftly.

  1. Simpler management

Working with one platform also entails a lower management burden. It is no longer necessary to manage and maintain multiple platforms for different departments.

  1. Better overview

As multiple departments work simultaneously within the same platform, they are more aware of each other’s activities and have a better insight into how the company operates.

  1. Incentive for creativity

An improved collaboration and a better overview stimulate creativity. It enables GDC Technics to continue Engineering The ImpossibleSM, without losing sight of the customers’ desires and risks related to, for instance, certifications.

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