SIMULIA Simulation Engineer: Try Out a New Workflow for SOLIDWORKS Users

We would like to invite those of you who also use SOLIDWORKS to join a lighthouse beta program and try the new SIMULIA Simulation Engineer and give us your feedback.  For the first time, we are working on connecting the proven SIMULIA Abaqus technology to SOLIDWORKS Simulation in a new product called SIMULIA Simulation Engineer.

What is SIMULIA Simulation Engineer?

SIMULIA Simulation Engineer is a new FEA structural analysis software solution that integrates the workflow from SOLIDWORKS desktop with Abaqus technology on the cloud based 3DEXPERIENCE platform.  With the new Simulation Connector, SIMULIA Simulation Engineer looks to deliver a unique, easy and seamless workflow for SOLIDWORKS Simulation users to expand and reuse their existing simulations with an advanced scalable solution.

What are the benefits?

The SOLIDWORKS Add-in (the Simulation Connector) will transfer your geometry and SOLIDWORKS simulation setup (material, loads, boundary conditions, mesh definition…) straight to 3DEXPERIENCE to run with the Abaqus solver.  This will limit the need to redefine what has already been set up in SOLIDWORKS Simulation.  Once on cloud you have access to the Abaqus/Standard solver and its advanced simulation features like; General Contact, increased element types to choose from, advanced meshing using quad or hex elements and reliable solutions for combined nonlinearities such as contact with nonlinear materials and large deformation.  You can also take advantage of more memory and multi-core scaling with Abaqus and have the option to execute on cloud.

Is it currently available?  How do I try it?

It is currently available in a lighthouse beta version with the plan to commercialize in the first half of 2018.  We would be happy for you to try it if you think SIMULIA Simulation Engineer could be a good fit for you.  Give it a try and have it available from your site for a 90 day period for up to 3 users, including free introductory training and support.

How do I join the lighthouse beta program?

Click here to join the SIMULIA Simulation Engineer lighthouse beta program.

We look forward to hearing from you.  Contact us directly if you have any questions:

Ryan Paige

Ryan is a 3DEXPERIENCE Technical Solutions Manager with SIMULIA.

2 Responses to “SIMULIA Simulation Engineer: Try Out a New Workflow for SOLIDWORKS Users”


    Joseph Shafer Sr

    Will this work on sw pro? Or do I have to have sw simulator?
    I am very interested, I could so use this at work, but we are a small shop.
    Thank you.

    • Ryan Paige

      Hi Joe,
      Yes, you could transfer (or even import) only geometry data if desired. I’ve also sent you an e-mail response.


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