Reveal the World Tour: Week 6 Highlights

Reveal The World Tour: Week 6 Highlights

It all began with a vision. How do we bring the power of simulation to those who’ve never experienced it before? Simulation is so intricately woven into design processes that many times consumers aren’t even aware that it plays an important role in the final concept of a product. Engaging the world about how profoundly simulation impacts our everyday lives has been a dream of the SIMULIA Marketing team for some time. 

So, what does it take to turn a dream into reality? 

Courage. Determination. Resilience. Creativity. But most importantly, grit and hard work

We are excited and proud to have officially kicked off the Reveal the World Tour for Fall 2019. Simulation is on the road and coming to you! Check out our recap from week 6 of the tour below from Megan Schmidt, SIMULIA Champions and Communities Specialist, and member of the trailblazing tour staff, and hear directly from students and customers at various locations about their experience on the tour. Check back each week for a new recap and for a preview of the week ahead.  

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We started this week at the University of Cincinnati, where David Martin kicked off Day One with a presentation to students inside the engineering building. By the time the presentation finished at 10 AM, several students were eagerly waiting to be let inside the trailer, which was parked at a great central location – right in front of the engineering building, next to the rec center and cafeteria. We were also near the accounting building, so we had a good number of business students visit. A few downpours around lunch didn’t stop students from visiting; this was actually our busiest time of day.

The driving simulator was the most popular attraction; Lori kept track of the fastest drivers for a while but then stopped as too many of them were crashing. We benefited more from having them test with and without ABS and experience the tire imbalance, as it teaches the value of simulation and virtual prototyping.

On Day Two, we visited a biomedical company, where we were able to customize the displays to be a bit more biology-focused. We showed Living Heart with the Google Viewers, the Living Brain on the Zspaces, the Human Shoulder on the AR Hololens and the Operating Room experience on the Vive headset. The Operating Room was always occupied! We had a steady flow of foot traffic, with visitors spending an average of 20 minutes inside.

Day Three took us to another customer, where visitors stayed for an average of about half an hour. We were able to customize this visit to what these (mostly) engineers were doing. We showed perfect packaging videos on both the entrance screen and back presentation monitors. We had the bottle drop experiences on both the Zspace and Hololens and had the Vive set up with an interactive shopping space.

Day Four, at Miami University of Ohio, was by far the busiest day, with nonstop traffic. We were set up in front of the engineering and computer science building, so we got a lot of engineering students, though several psychology majors also enjoyed the Living Brain and Heart demos. Again, the driving simulator was the most popular. We also received several visits from alumni, as the visit was promoted and worked into the agenda of the yearly Alumni Board meeting nearby.

Clare Scott

Clare Scott is a Content Marketing Manager working for the SIMULIA Creative Lab team at Dassault Systemes. Prior to her work here, she wrote about the additive manufacturing industry for She earned a Bachelor of Arts from Hiram College and a Master of Arts from University College Dublin. Clare works out of Dassault Systemes’ Cleveland, Ohio office and enjoys reading, acting in local theatre and spending time outdoors.

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    I work for Persistent Systems, a Dassault partner driving demand generation for 3DExperience, SIMULIA and MES. We want to schedule a road show for 4-5 cities including Seattle, South California, Ohio, Michigan and Mew Jersey. I’m looking for innovative ways to showcase Dassault techo Img y. Wondering if Persisten as Dassault partner can have access to these demos with 3D glasses and VR devices, or maybe coordinate dates and run together our event and the trailer in a good parking location close to us so our attendees can finish the day experimenting the power of SIMULIA with 3D technology. We are making important investment in marketing, promotions, ads, sales teams, enablements and partnership with Idnustrial organizations and universities in those cities ( we target A&D , Transportation & Mobility, Industrial and medical Equipment). My phone number is(407) 340-7743 and I would love to talk as asson as possible as we like to run the first event late January or early February at Ohio/Michigan and Seattle in March.


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