Reveal The World Tour: Week 2 Recap

It all began with a vision. How do we bring the power of simulation to those who’ve never experienced it before? Simulation is so intricately woven into design processes that many times consumers aren’t even aware that it plays an important role in the final concept of a product. Engaging the world about how profoundly simulation impacts our everyday lives has been a dream of the SIMULIA Marketing team for some time. 

So, what does it take to turn a dream into reality? 

Courage. Determination. Resilience. Creativity. But most importantly, grit and hard work

We are excited and proud to have officially kicked off the Reveal the World Tour for Fall 2019. Simulation is on the road and coming to you! Check out our recap from week 2 of the tour below from Arthi Rajagopal, SIMULIA Champions and Advocacy Marketing Manager, and member of the trailblazing tour staff, and hear directly from students and customers at various locations about their experience on the tour. Check back each week for a new recap and for a preview of the week ahead.  

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On Monday, September 30th we visited the Ohio State University, Center for Automotive Research in Columbus, Ohio. We welcomed several visitors including both students and professors who enjoyed the simple yet powerful Simkraft app, the HTC Vive and the zSpace applications.

However, the main attraction was the driving simulator. Students waited in line to have their driving experience and then also brought back friends to compete with each other.

The day ended on a high note with a visit from the CAR director, Giorgio Rizzoni.


On October 1st, it didn’t take us long to get to our next stop at the Fawcett Center at the Ohio State University, where there was a NAFEMS event being held in parallel to our bus tour.  This attracted not only Ohio State students but also NAFEMS employees/attendees as well.

Everyone liked the Microsoft Hololens experience, and showed a lot of enthusiasm just playing around with it. We showcased the Bleu car crash experience.  They really understood the value of doing upfront simulation and the power of 3D to demonstrate the importance of it.

We also announced our first-ever lap winner, Catherine Montgomery, who was the first person to have completed a full lap on the driving simulator. Stay tuned for an interview with Catherine!

Our final stop on October 3rd was at a large T&M OEM.  Many of those who came were interested in designer simulation and were very impressed by the various industries that SIMULIA caters to, especially after seeing the Living Heart on the zSpace.



Katie Corey

Katie manages SIMULIA's social media, blog and online communities. As a writer and technical communicator, she is interested in and passionate about creating an impactful user experience. Katie is a native Rhode Islander and loves telling others about all it has to offer. As a self-proclaimed nerd, she enjoys a variety of hobbies including history, astronomy, science/technology, science fiction, geocaching, true crime, fashion and anything associated with nature and the outdoors. She is also mom to four amazing furbabies (2 cats and 2 dogs).

Arthi Rajagopal

Advocacy Marketing Specialist at Dassault Systemes Simulia Corp.
Arthi joined Dassault Systemes in 2008. She is a Marketing Specialist for SIMULIA and handles the global eSeminar program. Arthi works closely with various departments to identify the best technologies & products to highlight across the globe in the form of short eSeminars. The aim is to help SIMULIA users better utilize its portfolio of products. As a member of the SIMULIA India team, Arthi is also responsible for the brand's regional marketing efforts like the India Regional User Meeting. She also works with other SIMULIA offices in Asia to enable effective communication and consistent branding.

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