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In early 2020, we launched the SIMULIA Champions program. The 2020 SIMULIA Champions are the inaugural team of brand ambassadors, whose expertise and passion position them to advance the future of simulation technology. In this series of blogs, we introduce some of our individual SIMULIA Champions, finding out more about their history – and future – with the technology.

Xiao Li is currently working on his postdoctoral project at the China Academy of Space Technology in Beijing. Established in 1968, the academy’s mission is to apply the most advanced space technology for the benefit of mankind. It is China’s main facility for the research, development and creation of space satellites. Li’s research at the academy includes 3D crack growth prediction, elastoplastic material behavior simulation, and additive manufacturing process simulation.

Li has been working on his research since 2010, and he received his PhD from the University of Wuppertal in Germany in 2016. He has been using Abaqus for more than 10 years. He describes the software as the most advanced when it comes to nonlinear computation.

The excitement of engineering is one of the reasons why Li chose it as his career. He is driven by curiosity and the desire to solve problems.

“Nowadays engineering covers nearly every aspect of your normal life, so when you face a problem and you can solve it it’s always a happy moment,” he says.

During his PhD work in Germany, Li developed a cyclic cohesive zone model for 3D elastoplastic fatigue crack growth. Studying material deformation under elastoplastic conditions, or FE models with contact pairs, is challenging work, he says, and must be undertaken in small steps. Abaqus always provides him with trustworthy results, even from the most difficult computations.

Li’s happiest career moments come when he is able to solve a difficult engineering problem through his simulation results. He is also proud of a user material program he developed.

While Li’s research takes up a much of his time, he is not too busy to enjoy life beyond work. Li likes watching football, which he spent a lot of time doing while living in Germany.

SIMULIA is pleased to welcome Xiao Li into the 2020 SIMULIA Champions program and excited to continue working with him in the future. Stay tuned to the blog to learn more about our other 2020 SIMULIA Champions.

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