Love Your Heart: Personalized Digital Human Heart Models

A Revolution in Cardiovascular Science

When I think of the human heart and the incredible leaps society has made in medical science, I often think of my beloved grandma. Like 27.6 million people in the United States alone, my grandma was diagnosed with heart disease. After experiencing her second massive heart attack in the late 1980’s the doctors told my grandma that she should begin saying her goodbyes because her heart had sustained extraordinary damage.

Yet, instead she took advantage of rapid advances in medication, improved stent and defibrillator technology and incredible positive energy. My Grandma defied all odds and lived another 25 happy years! Over this time Grandma traveled, enjoyed countless summer days, witnessed her children grow old, was elected president of her senior association and created a lifelong bond with me. This would not have been possible without modern medicine and the continued pursuit of new cardiovascular solutions.

How can doctors continue to revolutionize cardiovascular science through realistic simulation?

The automotive, aerospace, energy and hi-tech industries have come to rely on advanced simulation technology to test their products before they are built, all while unlocking design improvements and innovations. Similarly, medical devices are already being designed and safely tested in the virtual world before ever being deployed in the real world.

Consider again the human heart―what if physicians and surgeons could virtually analyze their patients’ health and plan therapies and surgeries using simulation? This is quickly becoming a reality, but realistically simulating the behavior of a beating heart is extremely complex and requires a connection of knowledge from multiple domains—including electrical, mechanical, and fluid.

Meet the Living Heart Project

Dassault Systèmes is uniting leading cardiovascular researchers, educators, medical device developers, regulatory agencies and practicing cardiologists on a shared mission to develop and validate highly accurate personalized digital human heart models. These models will establish a unified foundation for cardiovascular in silico medicine and serve as a common technology base for education and training, medical device design, testing, clinical diagnosis and regulatory science—all creating an effective path for rapidly translating current and future cutting edge innovations directly into improved patient care.


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Discover how The Living Heart Project is applying the power of realistic simulation to human modeling to revolutionize patient care.

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Mathew Card

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