Let’s Learn Together: Composite Structures Performance Engineer Role

This post is a continuation in a series about simulation on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and some of the roles you can find there. This week we are focusing on the Composite Structures Performance Engineer role and how it brings end-to-end composite layup designs, material modeling, cut section evaluation – to composite product mesh and assembly, and ultimately composite product performance – to meet or exceed your product minimum weight and high strength requirements.


Composite Structures Performance Engineer (CYE) brings end-to-end composite layup designs, material modeling, cut section evaluation – to composite product mesh and assembly, and ultimately composite product performance – to meet or exceed your product’s minimum weight and high strength requirements – all in 3DEXPERIENCE.

Composite Structures Performance Engineer is comprised of:

  • Structural Performance Engineer (SFO); plus
  • Composites Simulation Engineer extension (former SCI).

Composite structures play a vital role in products for lightweight strength and durability.  The Aerospace and Defense industry has led many breakthroughs with composites design in large aircraft, and all future aircraft programs.  Composites are predominant in other industries, like boat hulls and sports equipment.  And composite materials are ever-increasing in automotive parts, medical products, high-tech components, industrial building materials, etc.

To meet these demands and be competitive, manufacturers need to empower their Product Engineering teams with an integrated platform for composite structures design, modeling, and simulation.  Dassault Systèmes has been a leader in composites design and modeling, starting with its CATIA Composite Design and Manufacturing apps, and SIMULIA Composite enablement app for meshing, modeling, and simulation of CATIA composites designs.  To leverage technologies, SIMULIA’s Composite Structures Performance Engineer has been created for the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to add the composites capabilities to one of its flagship roles, Structural Performance Engineer.

Composite Structures Performance Engineer brings a model-based process, a seamless collaboration between engineers and project stakeholders, for informed discussions and accelerated product release.  Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, composites product engineering is fully design-associative, with cloud modeling and computing options, for product innovation in a next-generation virtual engineering environment.

  • Validate composite design with associated strength criteria
  • Efficiently design ply layup and material orientation to achieve required stiffness and strength while optimizing weight
  • Composite component modeling with fundamental static, frequency, and buckling simulation
  • Reduce the cost of prototyping and manufacturing via early phase design simulation to reduce the time for composite product delivery
  • Adds Composites modeling and simulation to Structural Performance Engineer role
  • Support for all 3 CATIA Composite definitions: Ply, Zone, and Grid
  • Simulation traceability to composite ply and stackup design, for quick iterative variational studies
  • Core Linear analysis capabilities, weight minimization, and tensile strength to failure
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