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sunreef yachtDiscover how Sunreef’s response time has considerably improved using SIMULIA XFlow, reducing production time on a 74-foot boat to 3 ½ months compared to 6–7 months in the past.

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To satisfy a shift in customer preferences for highly customized luxury catamarans, Poland- based Sunreef Yachts needed to simulate and optimize their engineering processes to accelerate design and production of its boats.


The company adopted Dassault Systèmes’ applications for the design and realistic simulation of its boats.


High-performing simulation enabled engineers to rapidly explore nearly endless appealing hull design possibilities and optimize for better fuel efficiency, seaworthiness and performance in different sea conditions.

Addressing New Sailing Experiences 

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Creating a company to manufacture luxury catamarans on the belief that features such as living space, high-quality materials and ergonomics were preferred by many clients over speed and power was a gamble. However, Sunreef Yachts’ founder Francis Lapp was convinced there was a market for these vessels alongside the more customary yacht. “When I founded Sunreef Yachts in 2002, privately-owned luxury catamarans were nonexistent,” Lapp said. “But I sensed that tastes had evolved. Many yacht owners come to Sunreef because they want to switch from a mono-hull vessel to a catamaran because a catamaran is more stable due to its double hull. Moreover, it can provide a more ample living space providing a better sense of conviviality and community than narrower, longer yachts,” Lapp said.

“And Luxury,” Lapp continued, “is also to be able to go where yachts cannot go. By this, I mean sailing around the world with a catamaran is feasible, whereas with a yacht, even a big yacht, it’s not always the case because of the yacht’s instability and lack of autonomy. In effect, a catamaran has more autonomy because there is less hull friction in the water, so less drag and better fuel consumption. Just think, on an 18-meter catamaran, we can cross the Atlantic Ocean on one full tank of fuel. This is not necessarily possible with a 40 or 50-meter classic yacht.”

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Discover how Sunreef’s response time has considerably improved using SIMULIA XFlow, reducing production time on a 74-foot boat to 3 ½ months compared to 6–7 months in the past.

Read Sunreef case study

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