Anytime Learning: July e-Seminar Roundup

SIMULIA offers an advanced simulation product portfolio, including AbaqusIsightfe-safeToscaSimpoe-MoldSIMPACK and more. Our e-Seminars are a great way to get training or to learn about new features and releases. We offer regularly scheduled public seminars, as well as training courses at customer sites. An extensive range of courses are available, ranging from basic introductions to advanced courses that cover specific analysis topics and applications. Check out the latest e-Seminars below that are on demand now on the SIMULIA Learning Community

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SIMULIA e-Seminars

CST STUDIO SUITE 2017 Technology Highlights

This eSeminar will show the diverse applications of electromagnetic simulation using CST STUDIO SUITE. Get introduced to the EM simulation capabilities in the SIMULIA brand. Learn about the typical classes of EM applications and what is required to tackle them and what workflows can be employed to approach complicated tasks. Alos, see electromagnetic devices in their environment – multiphysics, installed performance, electromagnetic compatibility and more.

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Industry Applications of the 3DEXPERIENCE Simulation

This eSeminar replay provides a deep-dive of the use of simulation apps on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform to address a range of industrial workflows. Topics include integrated test and multi-physics simulation for the automotive industry, multi-system simulation of industrial equipment machinery, and virtual validation of high-tech appliances. Improve productivity through multi-level, collaborative modeling. Enable simulation inclusive design from concept to manufacturing and better integrate virtual models from different disciplines including multiple physical domains and multiple systems. Increased traceability and management of simulation and physical test data is also discussed.

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Partner/Alliances e-Seminars

Gompute HPC Solutions for SIMULIA users

Watch this e-seminar by our SIMULIA Alliance Partner, Gompute, presented by Iago Fernandez, Cloud Sales Director. Since 2002, Gompute has been helping SIMULIA users to manage their internal HPC and expand their capacity with Gompute On Demand. With large HPC capacity specially designed for CAE, Gompute On Demand offers an easy and flexible solution to launch SIMULIA applications on a secure environment. In order to guarantee the high performance, Gompute only operates with bare-metal, Infiniband interconnected nodes hosted in the Gompute Datacenter. The Complete SIMULIA portfolio is available using native GUI, or easily running in batch with the integrated application launcher.

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Selecting the Right HPC fabric technologies to optimally run the Abaqus Unified FEA Portfolio

Watch the webinar put together and presented by our longtime partner, HPE. In this webinar you’ll learn about the HPE acquisition of SGI, HPE solutions for CAE workloads, Intel Omnipath and Mellanox InfiniBand Interconnect Characterization.

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Arthi Rajagopal

Advocacy Marketing Specialist at Dassault Systemes Simulia Corp.
Arthi joined Dassault Systemes in 2008. She is a Marketing Specialist for SIMULIA and handles the global eSeminar program. Arthi works closely with various departments to identify the best technologies & products to highlight across the globe in the form of short eSeminars. The aim is to help SIMULIA users better utilize its portfolio of products. As a member of the SIMULIA India team, Arthi is also responsible for the brand's regional marketing efforts like the India Regional User Meeting. She also works with other SIMULIA offices in Asia to enable effective communication and consistent branding.

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