Additive Manufacturing Print to Perform Video Enablement Manual

This is the first video in a series of Video Enablement Manuals (VEMs) that have been released on our YouTube channel. The purpose of a VEM is to showcase how a user can setup an entire Additive Manufacturing build simulation with ease on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

The Additive Manufacturing solution offered on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform consists of multiple components – Functional Generative Design, Process Planning, Process Printing and Post Printing operations:

  1. Functional Generative Design focuses on generating organic shapes using topology optimization.
  2. Process Planning focuses on build planning, part orientation optimization, support structures, scan path strategies and machine format outputs.
  3. Process Printing focus on setting up a build simulation using the information from the process planning component. The simulation is an open framework that works out of the box for a powderbed simulation and is highly customizable to accommodate other industry processes in Additive Manufacturing. In addition, one can also simulate for recoater interference during build and crack propagation.
  4. Post Printing operations include build plate and support removal, heat treatment, in-service loading, negative shape compensation, deviation analysis and many more.

In this manual, you will be using the Powder Bed Fabrication app to generate the scan path information for a bridge geometry and then perform a manufacturing simulation using the Additive Manufacturing Scenario app to study the temperature profile and the overall distortion of the part, including its interaction with the build tray.

Stay tuned for more VEMs!

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Akshay Narasimhan

SIMULIA Additive Manufacturing Senior Technical Consultant.

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