A ‘Realistic’ Look at Product, Nature, and Life

pnlThe harmonization of product, nature, and life through Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform is more than just an admirable philosophy. We believe that such a high-level goal is fundamental to ensure the wellbeing of the earth and its inhabitants today and into the future.

But what does this philosophy actually mean to the SIMULIA community? How does this new technology and product experience affect your ability to deliver value to your organization and in turn to your customer? Will this impact your company’s bottom line? How does what you do harmonize product, nature, and life?

The increasing connectedness of our planet has created an awareness that challenges all manufacturers to develop products that not only perform to high standards, but also deliver a positive social contribution. This can range from support for environmental concerns down to delivering a personalized product experience. These trends may seem “macro,” but they are already affecting the products being designed today.

Rethinking Product Engineering

There is no greater example of this effect than the reinvention of aircraft manufacturing. Planes in the air today are safe and relatively cost-effective to produce—but to conserve energy and deliver an improved passenger experience, they must be re-engineered from lightweight composites that are fuel efficient and operate at higher pressure and moisture levels for comfort. To help ensure the safety of these new designs, SIMULIA works closely with manufacturers and partners to develop advanced technologies that accurately predict the performance of such highly engineered materials.

Similar pressures influence the automotive industry: Electric cars, interconnected devices, in-cabin environment, even tire design—all are being driven by environmental awareness and/or personal product experience. As an engineer, your work inevitably reflects this reality. Our role is to help you replace decades of lab testing with simulation-driven understanding in just a few years, and to provide the tools to share it.

Think Global, Act Personal

The trend of globalization—with economic growth lifting expanding populations of consumers into the middle class—raises concerns about worldwide consumption rates, use of precious resources such as oil or water, and the carbon footprint of product production and use. We need products to be better engineered for greater efficiency and less waste so they function in their environment in harmony with nature.

These environmentally conscious products also must support the trend toward personalization, compelling manufacturers to rethink the ways they envision and bring their designs to life. Consumers increasingly expect goods and services to be tailored to their individual needs, perhaps eventually leading to a digital representation of their own bodies to be used for virtual shopping.

And personalization extends beyond consumer goods into medicine with astounding applications: customized implants for joint replacements, exact spinal vertebrae replacements, even individually sized cardiovascular devices. SIMULIA is responding with investments that broaden our understanding of the physics of the human body, leading to products such as the Abaqus Knee Simulator and, more recently The Living Heart Project. With this foundation, along with breakthroughs such as 3D printing, manufacturers will increasingly be able to deliver products that directly improve overall quality of life.

Take Advantage of Trends to Create Brand Equity

More than ever, consumers are interconnected and do not hesitate to share opinions of products and the companies behind them. Brand awareness is at an all-time high; intelligent manufacturers guard and enhance their reputation with responsible behavior and an equal eye towards performance and quality.

SIMULIA’s strategy is to help our customers manage the effects of all these macro trends with technologies that allow them to be responsive and responsible, while staying economically on track.

We serve our customers, and their employees, with the tools that help them produce products that harmonize with nature and life—cost-effectively

This article was originally published in the May 2014 issue of SIMULIA Community News magazine.

Steve Levine

Senior Director, SIMULIA Strategic Initiatives at Dassault Systemes Simulia Corp.

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