Your Place or Mine?

atol ad augmented reality glasses 3DS dassault systèmes

No this is not a line from a cheesy movie but a question girls may ask themselves when they discover Atol’s last advertising campaign.

Recently, we published something for kids: an augmented reality game to go with their cereals! It was only fair that we share something for their mothers! 😉

French optician company Atol has developed an augmented reality application on its website that allows you to try its glasses right from your computer! Good thing is you can personalize them to create your own. Take a look at their TV ad to better understand how it works… it’s in French but totally understandable visually speaking:

Feel like trying it, this way please!

Looking at this and other applications you can find on the Web, there’s no doubt that augmented reality is becoming more and more central to B2C communications. Plus, if it is fun and easy to use like Atol’s application, you can bet it’s going to be a hit! For sure, this application is much less tedious than trying on countless glasses in the store!

The only question is: after children and women, what about the augmented reality application for us, men? :’(