You’ll Never Walk Alone

Today’s staggering growth of IT possibilities and digital world applications with new use models makes it impossible for any provider of IT solutions to do it all alone. Since our beginnings, Dassault Systèmes has worked in partnership with other best-of-breed companies to complete and evolve the global solution for our customers.

Nowadays, our Software and Technology Solution Partner ecosystem has grown to more than 1000 best-of-breed IT companies. These organizations are contributing their highly specialized know-how via software applications, interaction devices and technology to work as an integrated part with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and previous generation applications.  Each partner offers a unique contribution to complete and extend the capabilities of the joint solution.


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You can tour our website to get a good understanding the Dassault Systèmes partnership programs then dive into the realm of partner companies that are contributing their expertise and specialties to make our combined offering for customers complete and unique.

As pictures say more than words, and moving pictures are even more explicit and easy to consume, we created a series of videos to show off examples of what our Tech Solutions Partners are capable of. We are excited to present here the 25 video spotlights, allowing you to discover the diversity and uniqueness of our Tech Solution Partner ecosystem.

Directly play any video by clicking on an image:

A scientist by education I learned to enjoy more to work with people across cultural hemispheres than in a lab. This is why partnerships and alliances has become my domain of choice. My job at DS is to help our Tech Solution Partners global ecosystem to show how they can contribute their expertise to the global PLM solution and 3D experience. Our partners are experts in their specialties which makes me learn a thing or two every day. I enjoy that too.

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