Powering massive hydropower structures with 3DEXPERIENCE


To protect lives, property and safety of millions of people living along rivers, water and flood management is a critical public discipline. To the residents living near China’s Yellow River, one of the world’s most difficult rivers to control this is a daily concern. In order to support the economic development of the adjacent regions, Yellow River Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd (YREC) is an engineering consulting firm devoted to river management and development, water conservation and hydropower-related projects. Since its restructuring in 2003, the company has successfully designed and built more than 30 large and middle-scale water conservation facilities and hydropower utilities on the Yellow river and its tributaries.

Even though the market in China for water conservancy and hydropower projects is very large, competition is widespread and tough. To grow the company’s market share, YREC needed to improve its efficiency and the quality of its designs. To deliver more value throughout their projects’ full lifecycle, YREC adopted Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE® platform.

Thanks to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and its collaborative capabilities, communication between team members has considerably improved. In addition, the platform allows to communicate with government officials, which facilitates and accelerates project decisions. With excavation design being one of the most challenging tasks that each project faces in the earliest stages, YREC appreciates the ability to have multiple disciplines that can concurrently open a model and analyze various interactive influencing factors before choosing the best approach.

High worker turnover is another challenge in the industry. As a consequence, retaining professional know-how and experiences is challenging. With the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, YREC can capture project knowledge and experiences that can be leveraged by newcomers or colleagues working on other sites.

Another major concern is worker safety. YREC can test developed designs in an immersive digital environment to ensure safety and sustainable practices are in place early in the design phase.

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Maryann Dennehy

Maryann Dennehy

Maryann is a Senior Communications Manager on the Dassault Systèmes corporate publishing team. She’s been with the company for over 13 years, in roles ranging from marketing communications, creative and branding manager to marketing programs manager. Twitter: @3DMTL