Why We Shouldn’t Be Conservative with Energy

Image courtesy of DELMIA
Image courtesy of DELMIA

The Energy & Process industry has traditionally been conservative in adopting new technologies. But at a time when many are grasping onto conservative business decisions to ride through the economic crisis, it’s time for Energy & Process to get more radical.

As new build and maintenance/refurbishment projects reach high complexity levels, we need a fresh look at how processes are accomplished and what new technologies have to offer.

Let’s get innovative . . . by looking at the shipbuilding and aerospace industries, for example. How are these sectors working to complete projects on time and within budget?

Part of their ‘secret’ is employing 3D virtual planning software. An example of this technology is Dassault Systèmes’ DELMIA, which allows companies to plan, visualize, and validate the schedule of any capital project. This allows companies to minimize project delays by optimizing the schedule, and ensuring the health and safety of the workers.

Though this technology has been successful for many years in other industries, it’s comparatively new to the Energy industry. DELMIA has perfected the technology with years of development and implementation experiences and has been successful in innovatively applying the solution to the Energy & Process industry.

When we first present our solution to prospective customers, however, some have doubts on whether our technology can do the job. We are always pleased to see when the customers show tremendous faith and confidence in our solution as the project progresses and results become available. And what speaks better than actual results?

The savings to the projects have been millions of dollars with a return on investment (ROI) of up to 20-to-1. Check out some of these examples here.

The Energy and Infrastructure industries are leading the pack in the economic recovery and growth efforts in most countries around the world and are all set to emerge with advantage when the crisis tides over.

It’s an exciting time for all of us as new and innovative technologies are making their way to this traditionally conservative field.

As of today, the Energy & Process Industry is on the upswing in adapting new technology.

But are they moving fast enough?



Karun Chakravarthy works on industry solutions for Shipbuilding & Energy.