Who are the Robot Whisperers?

Robot Whisperers Inset 2They’re just two ordinary guys – with extraordinary passion for robotics and exceptional knowledge in using highly advanced 3D robotic simulation and programming tools.

No, they don’t actually talk to the robots…because robots don’t have ears! And while they don’t teach them tricks or get them to fetch their slippers, they do consider robots to be a production man’s best friend.

People often ask the Robot Whisperers, “are there robot problems you can’t solve?”  Well, they definitely have the expertise and are ready for any challenge. This is because the Robot Whisperers do understand the everyday challenges companies may be facing like lengthy launch times, devastating robot collisions and disastrous downtimes.

And for the first time they’re sharing their extensive know-how in a new on-line e-series called “The Robot Whisperers.”

“Have you ever bolted a robot to the floor that couldn’t reach its pick-up point?”

Engineers often spend several months planning and designing workcells with either 2D layouts or with physical mockups to later realize that related resources need to be repositioned or adjusted later in production. They face even greater challenges in properly teaching and programming robots to correctly perform required operations on the real factory floor.

“Have you ever had to buy additional material because you found out your robot placements are way off…more than once?”

We all know that any production line is only as good as it is designed and the robots can only perform as well as they are programmed. You can’t just sit down with a robot and have a conversation over a nice cup of coffee or have them attend a training session, like a new coworker who needs to learn how to perform their job.

“Do you have a production workcell that just doesn’t flow right?”

So, whether you work for a global manufacturing enterprise or a family- owned machine builder, in order for you to be successful and cost effective, it is critical to have your robots and tooling validated well before your cell or line is even built. You need the right innovative 3D technology to help you realize your robot’s true potential and open the door to high-precision manufacturing.

In their new online series the Robot Whisperers will reveal secrets about how successful companies use advanced 3D technology to address the many challenges they are faced with today. Viewers will discover how engineers from small manufacturers to large global OEMs can use sophisticated simulation software to improve their relationship with the robots in their lives.  Because we all know, “a well-programmed robot is a productive robot.”

So who are the Robot Whisperers? Well, that is one secret I am are not ready to share – just yet.

I invite you to pre-register today so that you can be the first to find out their identities and learn their secrets as you watch the premiere episode on June 29th.

The Robot Whisperers are here to share their knowledge and help you build a better working relationship with your robots.

Happy (robot) programming!


MarcMarc Rakowski works for Dassault Systèmes Americas Corp.