What Do You See?


When I was little, a fun way to spend summer days was playing outside on the front lawn with friends. Neighborhood kickball had its moments, but sometimes, when we were feeling more philosophical or needing to digest ice-cream cones, we’d cloud gaze.

“That one looks like a rabid dog,” I’d say.

“Ya think? Looks more like a clown to me,” neighborhood friend would say.

Despite being friends with the person lying face-up in the grass next to me, living in the same neighborhood, looking up at the exact same sky and cloud, at the exact same moment . . . we’d see different things. Because people are unique.

The chances of interpreting passerby cumulus clouds the same way with my neighborhood buddies were a lot greater than if, let’s say, an international exchange student joined us. In addition to being unique, we see things through different cultural lenses.

And when it comes to 3D and Product Innovation, you may want to grab your thickest notebook because the list of perspective differentiators is mighty long.

Which brings me to this blog, 3D Perspectives. Welcome!

Some sample topics we’ll be chatting about at 3D Perspectives:

• Design
• Green PLM
• Special events
• Industry trends
• (And some other surprises)

If you haven’t already read the About, please do so (you’ll see there’s a special invitation just for you at the end). I’d also like to invite you to read about our burgeoning Team (yes, you’ll get photos and odd factoids). While we won’t be gazing at clouds, per say, we’ll hopefully have a similar kind of fun chatting about other multi-dimensional items.

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Stay tuned . . . more soon!