What’s the Buzz on Realistic Simulation? SCC 2009 Final Day

I think the buzz from the 2009 SCC is going to last a while and I am not talking about a caffeinated or London Ale induced buzz. I am talking about the noise-level created by our customers talking with each other, with our partners, and our SIMULIA staff.

In fact, I think the buzz is getting louder. From what I heard, many of our customers are pushing their management for stronger investments in cluster computing and realistic simulation software, because they know the high ROI that our technology provides.

Frank Popielas of Dana Sealing Group presented his company’s recent benchmark results running Abaqus 6.9 on a compute cluster. The benchmark shows that Abaqus 6.9 is providing significant simulation speed improvement, saving his company time and money. Even in a downturn economy Frank is promoting the need to continue investing now and staying up to date with the latest software releases. His 2009 SCC paper and a few others can be downloaded at www.simulia.com/cust_ref

Watch the video to hear the buzz at the SCC customer banquet. Plus, check out the comments from Frank Popielas from Dana and Charlie Watt from Cambridge University Eco Racing Team. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgoCf-zLD0g

Al Dean, from Develop 3D was here on Tuesday and filed a report featuring the Abbott Vascular keynote by Kelly Pike on his blog site.

There was so much going on at the SCC that we’ll be having lots to ‘buzz’ about in upcoming posts.

Thanks for the comments. Visit Al Dean’s site and leave him a comment too. Let’s work with our customers to elevate the noise level about the benefits of realistic simulation.

I am off to Dublin for a little R&R… stay tuned

PS – The timing of our group photo could not have been better. The city only opens Tower Bridge about once a day and we were there for the dramatic photo opportunity.

I think our customers were getting a royal salute from the city of London for the work they do that improves our world.