We the People @ DS Design Studio

One of the reasons we started this blog is to give you an insider’s window to Dassault Systèmes at large. So if you’re really going to ‘get to know’ the DS Design Studio, it’s only fitting for me to introduce you to the people driving it.

DS Design Studio put together what they call a Body Card that I’ve pasted it below for you to have a look. Can you identify Anne Asensio?

If Anne is DS Design Studio’s lead evangelist, she’s not alone. Rather than using my own words to introduce you to the team, I took my video camera to the studio and filmed them. Check out this video where you can learn from the team who they are, plus they may answer a surprise question or two.

I hope you feel like you know the DS Design Studio better now. We’ve explored its mission, four pillars and met the team. Later we’ll look at specific projects. If you missed the series and would like to catch up, here are all the posts:

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6. We the People @ DS Design Studio

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P.S. I’m going to ECF (the European CATIA Forum), so perhaps I’ll see you at Euro Disney . . .