TVnima @UMUC

I’ve given away quite a few TVnima beta keys here, and I always ask if folks would kindly send us feedback on how they like TVnima and what they’re using it for.

While I’ve heard that a majority of TVnima users work in Education, I’m pleased to be able to share some feedback today from the University of Maryland University College’s Center for Support Instruction.

Here’s their TVnima feedback:

TVnima was featured recently in a presentation by two Instructional Support Specialists from University of Maryland University College’s Center for Support of Instruction. UMUC, the largest public university in the United States and one of the largest public providers of online education, is constantly explores new technologies for online teaching.

The presenters—Towanda Jones and Sharon Huston—used TVnima in fall 2009 to create a presentation featuring a “virtual presenter” within an online classroom.  At the conclusion of the class, “Principles and Strategies of Successful Learning,” students were surveyed to determine if the virtual presenter increased student learning or engagement.

Jones and Huston presented their findings at the College of Southern Maryland’s Third Annual Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference, which focused on best practices for “The First Year and Beyond: Promoting Student Success.” Statistical data from the survey can be found in the PowerPoint presentation here.

At the end of the presentation, participants were asked to fill out a survey, and feedback was positive. “The audience was excited about the concept and new possibilities for delivering content,” said Jones. Examples from Jones’ and Huston’s presentation can be found here.

I’ve watched Towanda’s and Sharon’s TVnima sample presentations on the above link and they’re quite good.  I was especially captivated by the ‘Cool Hunting’ and ‘Strategies for Success’ TVnimas.

What struck me most about my TVnima ‘UMUC student’ experience was:

  • I found it a lot more pleasant to be able to watch and listen to a 3D avatar give instructions than if it was just a slideshare presentation.
  • I pretty much forgot about the technology and was absorbed by the content.
  • Although I’ve never been that interested in online courseware, I think I could enjoy and benefit from courses presented with TVnima.  It’s just more cheerful and easier to absorb.

Congratulations Towanda and Sharon to a job well done, and thanks for sharing with us!

Now I know there are other TVnima users lurking out there with some interesting examples and feedback.  😉  Don’t be shy; we’d love to hear from you!

What about TVnima for workshop instructions or introductions to museum tours?