The future of realtime 3D rendering, cloud computing?

credits: zdnet blog
credits: zdnet blog

Hi there,

Back at the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco, a huge buzz was created for an upcoming service called Onlive.

Here is the pitch in a few words:

Playing games requires either a very fast and always up-to-date PC or a gaming consoles. Thanks to Onlive, you can access remotely a high-end system (including a very advanced graphics processor) from a standard PC, or even a small box for the TV. You play the game remotely, meaning you stream a dataflow in realtime back to your home.

The pre-requisite is to have a no-latency system, and obviously a very high-speed connection. That sounds promising, doesn’t it?

Well, before we dig a little further into this, I’d like to ask you: what do you think of this? (If you’re on RSS or email, to access the poll please click through to the actual blog post.)