The Folding Plug

Three weeks ago one of our readers named Matthew sent me the link to a really cool product innovation: the folding plug. There were some other bloggers up for bat here at 3D Perspectives, but now it’s my turn again. 😉

Matthew, thanks for tipping me to this; you’re right I love it for 3D Perspectives because it represents several themes we talk about here:

  • Innovation: revamping an every-day object for better living, i.e. cleaner personal spaces, better fits into backs and packages, etc.
  • Sustainability: the folding plug uses less materials to produce
  • 3D: the beauty was designed, experienced, sceneriod and presented in 3D (see video below)

Many thanks to Matthew for the tip-off and Min Kyu Choi the inventor.

Now what I’d like to know is, when can I get rid of all my bulky plugs and sockets?