The Cloud: Easier, Better, Together

cloud computing dassault systemesA lot of fuss is happening right now on the Web with the launch of Google +, the company’s social network. But if you dig deeper than a mere battle between social networks, you realize that it’s the entire computing experience which is going on the Cloud: social activities, alright, but also file sharing, work spaces and other services are all more and more on the Cloud.

But think about it… What’s the Cloud goal but to bring people closer? Social networks such as Facebook are the tip of the iceberg and represent it perfectly: it brings the social back! 🙂

Cloud: the Bigger Picture

Of course it’s the same for the CAD and PLM industries. More than ever, people need to work together from different places and different workstations. Thus, there is a double objective: facilitate the work environment and share with others. Oleg Shilovitsky stated rightfully that we should “work together without thinking about how collaborative or social a particular software is performing”.

My point is that if it’s got to be natural, it’s got to be easier, simpler and a part of a whole system that drives the work experience. Generation Z is the only one (so far) which is born in that kind of environment and for them it will be natural to have everything in one place, easily. And eventually, that’s where Clouds are all about I guess…

What do you think?