That’s MY Cloud, Not Yours!

I was reading an interesting post the other day on the blog Architecture+.  JeanRicard served up the topic of Private Clouds and their relation to the future of the AEC industry and BIMs.

Would you rather put your CAD and 3D product design data on a public, private or hybrid Cloud?

It seems that people have no problem putting highly sensitive Sales data on, so you wouldn’t mind putting your highly sensitive product data on a hybrid or public Cloud, right?

Or, are people going to start getting possessive about Clouds, going with the private option?

According to Chris France, CIO of Little Diversified Architectural Consulting:

A private cloud differs from the public cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services or Google by the fact that the cloud computing infrastructure and resources are controlled by the individual business that deploys it.

The full article argues the economical benefits gained by opting for a private cloud.

I can’t help thinking that a public cloud would be more economically efficient for smaller businesses but I haven’t crunched any numbers. 😉

Show your preference in the below poll and see what other’s think!

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