Name: Dominique AndersonDominique Anderson
Years with Dassault Systèmes: 10
Speciality/Role: Aerospace & Defense Marketing Director

Hello!  Tackling complex notions and simplifying these so others may benefit is a fun.

Growing up in Northern California and being a SCI-FI fan (think Star Trek); there’s one ideal that drives me: “Nothing is impossible.”  With degrees in Mechanical Engineering from CSU Sacramento and the IUT de Cachan in France, it’s been a pleasure for me to work with individuals from across the globe aligning people and technology to achieve business results.  I’m excited to help lead the Aerospace and Defense business into the age of Experience with a talented team of colleagues and partners.

Name: Charles Bonnassieux
Years with Dassault Systèmes: 8
Speciality/Role: Global Academia Programs

Hi, I’m from Nantes, west coast of France. My job lets me work with engineering schools and universities all around the world; and I enjoy it because it allows me to discover new cultures, new learning methods, new way of living…
Watching students learning, working, playing with our solutions at the top of a building in Singapore or in the middle of nowhere in Prescott, Arizona, is funny and lets me think that our solutions can serve a global community of 3D fans everywhere.
I also enjoy swimming, playing Badminton and having quiet time near my home city.

Name: Bruno Delahaye
Years with Dassault Systèmes: 4
Speciality/Role: ENOVIA

bruno diver

Hi, I was ‘born in the CAD industry’ in 1996, start-ups by choice in the 3D and then Clean Technology businesses. I’ve lived in France, Spain, the UK, and recently 4 years in Japan from where I hiked everywhere I could in Asia. Forever, environmental challenges have been my passion and all my energy is now focused on creating solutions to protect the planet. I run the team in charge of creating software and services for “eco-sustainability”. Definitely the coolest job in the company.


Name: Jonathan Dutton
Years with Dassault Systèmes: 14
Speciality/Role: Mobility Lab

The North American Indians described people as Eagles if they drove vision and purpose of their organisation. That they were the source of inspiration for all and influenced actions and decisions. That they stayed on course and fed on external influences. Hey that’s me! OK, I’m also called a dreamer but nobody’s perfect! What’s wrong with dreaming anyway?  Maybe it’s for this reason that I’m running the Mobility Lab at Dassault Systèmes? We’re constantly searching for clues as to what tomorrow’s mobility will be so that we can be a step ahead and provide the 3DEXPERIENCEs our customers need before they even know it! Sounds like Sci-Fi, doesn’t it! That’s why we don’t do it alone, we have an eco-system of Business Partners, Academics, Researchers to cross fertilise our ideas…stay tuned!


Name: Bernie Hearne
Years with Dassault Systèmes: 3
Speciality/Role: Customer Communications Manager, North America


I’ve always loved telling great stories, and I discovered my knack for explaining technical subjects while working as a newspaper journalist. Later, during five years as business editor, I learned to appreciate the difficulties of running a successful business. Those three interests – technology, business and story telling – came together twenty years ago when I switched to Marketing and began writing customer case histories on a wide variety of technical products.

DS is blessed with innovative technology and innovative customers. Every day, in case history flyers and Contact mag, I get to tell the story of how DS solutions and services help our customers become more successful in the marketplace. It’s an exciting convergence of visions, and I look forward each day to discovering another great success that DS and our customers have achieved together, and then telling that story to the world.

Name: Yaser Kabakibo
Years with Dassault Systèmes: 4
Speciality/Role: PLM Consultant

Hey, I am a nomad on earth. Never could stick to one place for more than a few years. Born from a Syrian family in the land of Arabian mysteries in Saudi Arabia, I grew up in France. I moved to Canada 10 years ago and finished my Engineering Degree from Halifax, Nova Scotia…”Pays des moucmouc” my wife would say, before settling in the Montreal area.
I initially wanted to create cyborgs with my engineering degree, which is why I worked as a Biomedical Engineer for the first two years of my career. I then joined Dassault in 2007 as Lean Engineering PLM Consultant and have been fulfilling my joy of improving processes through PLM since then!


Name: Derek Lane
Years with Dassault Systèmes: 8
Speciality/Role: PR Manager, North Americas

I’m the far West contingent of the Perspectives team, based in Los Angeles.  And to quickly answer the first two questions generally asked of the LA-based guy:  No, I don’t surf and yes I know a movie star 😉 .  I’m a frustrated Martian colonist (yes, it is possible.  Read about it here), a father of three testosterone-filled boys under the age of 10, a long-time sci-fi/fantasy geek(Halting State, anybody?), and have the unnatural ability to recite Monty Python & the Holy Grail from start to finish.

Working for DS is a venture into the amazing, the passionate, the odd, and the surreal. When I see what we can (and do!) do, what our customers are doing every day, it blows my mind.  There is nothing like explaining to my grandmother that the Coke bottle she’s drinking from, the car she’s driving, the shoes she’s wearing, are all designed with DS software in virtual reality (“virtual what, honey?”)

Name: Cliff Medling
Years with Dassault Systèmes: 1
Speciality/Role: 3D Evangelist

I am the 3D Technical Evangelist for 3DVIA. Previously, I have worn many hats from Visualization Engineer to Manufacturing Engineer to Product Designer. I have always had a concentration on 3D technology, and have created 3D solutions for many industries from the aircraft sector to broadcast television. You may know me from my weekly Cliff’s Clips that highlight new technologies and the people behind them. Or as “Mr. 3D” on Twitter.

Name: Xavier Melkonian, a.k.a. x|man
Years with Dassault Systèmes: 2
Speciality/Role: Industrial Design, Shape Domain (CATIA Brand)

Hi, I’m Xavier, I work for Dassault Systemes CATIA. I came here last January after spending 17 years in 3D Software Industry for CAD, Entertainment and Industrial Design & Styling. I am a Technology fan, Trekky, Drum player and passionate about product Design & Visualization.


Name: Therese Snow
Years with Dassault Systèmes:
Speciality/Role: Worldwide Communications, Marketing DELMIA

Born and raised in the Metro Detroit area, it’s no wonder my career has revolved around manufacturing. So, working for digital manufacturing and production provider Dassault Systèmes DELMIA is a natural fit for me. During the weekdays, I can be found tweeting, writing, coordinating and proofreading just about anything pertaining to the latest happenings at DELMIA, planning the next bi-annual DELMIA World News, and basically appreciating my job as a Communication Specialist. I wouldn’t say I have a lot of free time, but when I do I try to squeeze in a nice novel, preferring mysteries. I’m a big Detroit Tigers fan and really like going to baseball games—no matter who is playing! When I need a more aggressive sport, I try kickboxing or shopping at the mall. Still not sure which one offers the best workout. Meanwhile, be sure to look for my posts with a DELMIA angle!

Name: Matthias Vivet
Years with Dassault Systèmes: 2
Speciality/Role: Support Community Manager

Hello! My name is Matthias and I’m half French, half Uruguayan. I work as Community Manager for Dassault Systèmes’ Customer Support. The Internet is my passion; I’m always online. Previously, I used to work for the Safran Group as Web manager; I’ve also been a Web journalist for a while on How can I describe myself? I’m creative, open-minded and pretty eclectic. I’ve studied literature, history and politics as well as computer science. In addition to the Web, I’m addicted to books, cinema, opera and… soccer.

Name: Tim Webb
Years with Dassault Systèmes: 4
Speciality/Role: SIMULIA, Marketing Communications & Programs

My goal within SIMULIA is to enhance our customer’s experience with our brand in all of our interactions including our international customer conference, our public website, our INSIGHTS magazine, as well as other activities. Even after 14 years in the engineering software industry, it’s still amazing to me that nearly every product we use, has been simulated with software such as Abaqus FEA or CATIA Analysis. I am passionate about communicating how our customers are using realistic simulation and optimization technology to improve the safety, reliability, and performance of a broad range of products, such as safer vehicles, high-performance soccer balls, fuel-efficient composite airplanes, and innovative medical devices. Maybe it comes from being a University of Iowa alumni, but I am equally enthusiastic about sharing the stories of how our team of global engineers and software developers are able to transfer their depth and breadth of engineering knowledge into our products and to our customers through training, support, and online communities.