Sunshine Hearts C-Pulse Enters U.S. Clinical Trial

The C-Pulse, an innovative heart pump designed by Sunshine Heart with the help of Abaqus FEA software from SIMULIA, has entered into a U.S. Feasibility study.

The goal of the trial is to enroll 20 patients at 6 clinical sites. Dr. William Abraham of Ohio State University and Dr. Patrick McCarthy of Northwestern University Medical Center are the national co-lead principal investigators. Trial locations and eligibility requirements can be found here.

In my previous post on simulating devices and treatment for the human heart, How Do You Mend a Broken Heart , I mentioned how Sunshine Heart’s life saving heart pump is intended to be used in patients with moderate heart failure as an alternative to open heart surgery.

The heart pump can be implanted in a patient in a one-hour operation with no blood contact, which offers the potential of lower complications and costs. The decreased risks make the C-Pulse available to a larger group of patients.

You can view the U.S. news casts with patient testimonials and learn more about the how the pump works at Sunshine Heart’s website.