Speed Dating Video – and Poll Results

Hi, I am writing while already on vacation. But I felt it was important to share with you the great video coverage we have received on Partner Summit 2009 which took place end of June at DS Campus. Find the previous blog post for a recap. Here is the clip to let you experience the spirit from the Partner Summit:

Two weeks ago I asked for your voting on perceived value from participation in business communities. Thank you to the ones who shared their votes. Here are the poll results with a touch of my personal analysis:

1.) We realize that the percentage of active blog consumers, i.e. the readers who actually participated in the voting is well below 10% . This means that approximately 90% of the blog adherants – who took the time to read the post “Speed Dating @ DS Campus” – chose not to communicate their opinion. Why is this so? Is it because they don’t dare? Do they think their opinion is not valued or perceived as not important?

2.) The results of the voting seem to be strongly in favor of proofing a high value from active participation (although we do not forget that this opinion comes from the 10% of active consumers!). If we read this voting right it tells the story that from sharing and collaborating there is a clear benefit for the participant.

3.) I believe that the 10% of “early adopters” who pronounce an open and collaborative attitude will rapidly grow. This is still a fairly new trend and with time we will see this to become more and more pervasive. I do not have the impression that the social web is “mainstream” already (as it has been indicated by Forrester Research) but I believe that adoption will again follow the curve as observed for e.g. Internet use and online shopping.

What do you think about it? Let us hear your remarks.


A scientist by education I learned to enjoy more to work with people across cultural hemispheres than in a lab. This is why partnerships and alliances has become my domain of choice. My job at DS is to help our Tech Solution Partners global ecosystem to show how they can contribute their expertise to the global PLM solution and 3D experience. Our partners are experts in their specialties which makes me learn a thing or two every day. I enjoy that too.

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