Sheet Metal Design in CATIA V6

Today’s CATIA video pick is about mechanical design.  To learn more about the video I’ve spoken with Marc Fandard, our mechanical design specialist.

But first, the video:

Sheet Metal Design Made Easier

This is a technology demo teaser and was made for engineers and sheet metal designers.  The video shows a new design concept.

In this live application, the whole design is made by simple dragging movements in the 3D. The design is not history based anymore, you just directly manipulate your part in the 3D, creating your sheet metal flanges and bends easily. Only a few contextual icons are available. Still you can make some precise definitions with measurements, and work in an assembly context.

Marc tells me that this application is available in all CATIA V6 packages. The idea is to have something simple to use that will help you save time when you work on sheet metal design, and that could be accessible to casual users.

Marc likes best how this application is straight to the point and clean, perhaps a more intuitive way of working.   What do you think?

That’s all folks!

To learn more about CATIA Sheet Metal, you will want to have a look here.



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