Shanghai Foundation Engineering Group Brings Information-Based Approach to Civil Engineering Projects

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Shanghai Foundation Engineering Group has implemented “advanced construction process simulation methods” with the Optimized Planning Industry Process Experience.

Shanghai Foundation Engineering Group is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Shanghai Construction Group. The firm has 1,680 employees and is focused on foundation engineering, constructing harbors, bridges, tunnels, and other large structures.

Highly regarded through the construction industry globally, Shanghai Construction Group has built a large number of important, iconic and award-winning projects, all using the latest technologies. To ensure leadership in professional construction technology, the company and its subsidiaries are committed to the pursuit of excellence, continuous innovation in research and development, and rigorous project and process management approaches.

Shanghai Foundation Engineering Group conducts a wide range of business activities and face many challenges in the execution of the firm’s construction projects.

“There have been no successful examples of combining information in the civil engineering industry. We hope to instigate our new information-based approach to improve the integration of our stakeholders and increase project management efficiency,” says Yu Zhendong, BIM Institute Director, Shanghai Foundation Engineering Group, Co. Ltd.

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Chenta Bridge Project

Photo Credit: Yang Hui/Global Times
(Construction workers complete the last plat for the Chenta Bridge.
Photo credit: Yang Hui/Global Times)

Using advanced methods, Shanghai Foundation Engineering Group constructed the Chenta Bridge. This was an extremely challenging project, with high complexity and a need for integration among stakeholders and schedules. It led the firm to adopt the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

The entire construction process of the Chenta Bridge was implemented in advance through simulations. The team used CATIA to model the entire bridge, based on CATIA design template and parametric modeling.

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Watch this video to learn more about Shanghai Foundation Engineering Group’s Chenta Bridge project:

Shanghai Foundation Engineering Group created a framework-driven concept, using actual measured data as inputs to update the model. This way, the digital models would be exactly as same as the real product, based on data obtained from actual onsite measurements.

Identify Potential Risks Early

Comparing the actual model with the original design model allowed them to detect potential risks visually, early in the process.

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They included all of the critical construction equipment in the model. For example, the scaffolding on the main tower and the cradle platforms. Throughout this process, the equipment, the scene layout, and the design structure were closely linked and interconnected, providing a comprehensive view of this complex project.

“This is one of the main benefits of using Optimized Planning Industry Process Experience,” adds Zhendong. “It allowed us to create a full simulation of the entire construction scheme. It made the entire process more intuitive. From a long-term perspective, the 3D information database management deeply integrated within our projects greatly benefits our entire project management process.”

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