SCC DAY 2: Jaguar, Coca-Cola and Weatherford Accelerate Product Development with Abaqus

Last night during the partner reception here at the SCC, our partners had the chance to show off. Check out the 20+ partner sponsors here. We had a “World Food” themed canapé reception, which went down really well.

This morning was the Jaguar Land Rover Keynote. Mark Stanton got the ball rolling with an excellent insight into JLR’s CAE process. There was also an awesome video on the Bonneville Salt Flats of the new XF-R reaching some incredible speed! The Jaguar XF-R launch video on their website is equally as cool.

I could only make it to a few of our customer presentations (there’re so many presentations to see!). Ken Watson from Weatherford Expandable Sand Screens talked about a really smart piece of engineering; their product is effectively a big filter, which stops all the sand and silt from the sea bed getting into the pipeline with the oil as it is pumped up from the bottom of the ocean. Here is a little video I made with Ken and a few others at the SCC.

Luca Furbatto of McLaren Racing (I’m a big F1 fan so I’ll try not to be biased!), demonstrated why optimisation is the name of the game in F1. Luca’s presentation focuses on topological optimisation with a combination of Abaqus and a partner product from FE-DESIGN.

Another cool customer presentation today was from Alejandro Santamaria of Coca-Cola – Aluminium Bottle Forming in Abaqus. They have developed (for want of a better way to describing it) a bottle shaped can of Coke. With this fantastic innovation the trademarked coke shaped bottle is reshaping the way we drink Coke!

Off to the banquet…



P.S. Also yesterday we launched the new release of Abaqus – 6.9. This is a feature packed release, one of the most exciting additions are the new co-simulation capabilities. You can find out more from the press release here.

Tom Bianchi works as SIMULIA’s UK & Ireland marketing manager.