SCC Day 1: Abbott Vascular Sets the Tone for Innovation at the 2009 SCC

This is my sixth international SIMULIA Customer Conference and I must say that we have incredibly dedicated customers from around the world. Okay, maybe I’m a little biased – but I only see them once every May and each of them greets me with a smile, asks about my kids, and is energized about the two and a half days they are experiencing with their peers, our partners, and our SIMULIA staff. Being my sixth year, I’m still a newbie….many of our customers have been making the conference for 10, 15, 20 years!

This morning Keynote Speaker, Kelly Pike, Advisor – Research & Development, Abbott Vascular, delivered a interesting and somewhat thought-provoking presentation: ‘Is There a Stent in Your Future?’. Similar to other companies, Kelly talked about how Abaqus FEA is becoming more important in their product development process in the early stages of planning.

Abbott engineers are being more proactive in using analysis to help make business-oriented decisions – rather than simply performing reactive, troubleshooting-type analyses .

As Kelly points out, FEA is adding value to designing products of all sizes ranging from ‘a 747 to a point of a pin’, as is the case in designing their stents.

Check out the article in Popular Science recognizing Abbott for one of ‘20 New Biotech Breakthroughs that Will Change Medicine’ for their newest stent that opens the artery and then simply disintegrates – pretty amazing.

There were many other great presentations as the day unfolded including from The Boeing Company, MAHLE Powertrain, GN ReSound, Foxconn International, Rolls -Royce, BD, Alstom, as well presentations from our alliances partners such as HP, Safe Technology, Datapoint Labs, Simulayt and others..

Our customers are really excited to be here and I have to say, I am too. I’m looking forward to working with our customers to turn their technical papers into case studies and share them with the world…

Stay Tuned for more reports from the 2009 SCC coming on Wednesday and Thursday. Now on to the Partner Reception…


Karen Curtis works in customer referencing for SIMULIA.