Perspectives on sustainable design, part 2

Last week we shared insights of three key speakers from the 2018 Design in the Age of Experience event. Here is part two of our in-depth exploration of sustainable design. Check out three more videos of industry leaders who spoke with us last year:

Groupe Renault’s Senior Vice President Corporate Design Laurens Van Den Acker described the main challenge of more and more cars being sold every year in emerging markets. According to him, the central question for the industry is, how to offer mobility in a responsible way.

In the retail industry, consumer and shopping experience is a challenge and Decathlon is creating seamless experiences combining physical and digital. Mathieu Boimare, Design Director at Decathlon Inesis, talked about their experimental stores mixing virtual and physical reality to provide a whole new access to sports for their customers.

How can we educate people to eat better? Barilla, the Italian food company wants to inspire people to eat healthy food. Paolo Zazzi, Customer and Shopper Marketing Director, explains how augmented and virtual reality help to explain and visualize complex concepts to engage and inspire their customers.

These speakers from different companies and industries have two things in common: Their belief in the power of design to drive change in our daily lives and their acknowledgement of technology’s importance to enable that change.

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Maryann Dennehy

Maryann Dennehy

Maryann is a Senior Communications Manager on the Dassault Systèmes corporate publishing team. She’s been with the company for over 13 years, in roles ranging from marketing communications, creative and branding manager to marketing programs manager. Twitter: @3DMTL