Passionate about Energy: Live from the 2009 Dassault Systemes Energy Conference

Everyone here at the Dassault Systemes 2009 Energy Conference is passionate about energy, and it’s easy to see why. Every day we read and hear about the world’s energy challenges in the news – from rising worldwide energy demand, to the complex challenges of carbon dioxide emissions – and we are here in Orlando to learn how 3D and PLM technologies can help meet those challenges.

Energy is not only top-of-mind on the world’s stage, but at Dassault Systems as well, as the industry has great potential to benefit from 3D products in the future. We learned from our EVP Philippe Forestier that the energy market will be a key priority for the company in 2009. Learning from design challenges in other industries such as automotive and aerospace, where we have a deep heritage, the customers that we’re hearing from have already applied technology to help plan plant extensions and revamps and increase project complexity, while accomplishing tasks in less time and with less risk than before.

Between sessions, I had the opportunity to put on a pair of 3D glasses and stand in front of an 8 foot screen which placed me inside a nuclear power plant – virtually, of course. But, the lifelike experience demonstrates how valuable such technology can be to plan and perform maintenance, for example. I’ve never set foot in a nuclear power plant, but now I have a better understanding of what it might be like. A trained engineer with this technology at his disposal could show up on-site being completely prepared to perform a specific task that he simulated earlier.

It made me think of this year’s SuperBowl commercials — if you watched, you’ll know that a couple of them were in 3D. Are we at a ‘tipping point’ where 3D will start to become mainstream? It seems that way. We’re learning from other speakers how technology used previously for consumer products like video games is now being applied to a work environment with tremendous value.

More to come from Orlando!