Optimize Lab Operations with a Unified Platform

In today’s competitive environment, Life Sciences organizations need to optimize operations by improving efficiency while maximizing quality and adhering to regulations. The drug development process can be expensive, slow and risky.

According to Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development, the cost to develop and win marketing approval for a new drug is $2.6 Billion and takes more than 10 years to bring to market.

In addition, pharmaceutical companies face major challenges including patent expirations, increased FDA inspections, as well as increasing competition in the global marketplace and decreasing margins. In order to contribute to corporate directives, laboratories also need to remove inefficiencies and compliance risks from processes as well as provide a collaborative environment that fosters innovation.

In any industry, the best way to be successful is by doing the right project and by doing projects right. This means that scientific processes for product R&D as well as Quality and Operations must be aligned with business goals, requiring visibility across the enterprise. Organizational silos, which hinder business efficiency and agility, must be eliminated and, instead, integrated through a single information hub.


Single Solution for a Unified Laboratory:

The Dassault Systèmes ONE Lab industry solution experience integrates people, resources, processes, and data, providing interfaces from research, development, and quality labs on a single platform. It is designed to address today’s market challenges by improving operational excellence through collaboration that shortens time to market.

Integration Hub Based on One Foundation:

ONE Lab works as an integration hub for BIOVIA and third-party applications and instruments. It allows seamless data transfer between the different domains from research to manufacturing, as well as with external collaborators and integrates lab processes like resource or data lifecycles based on a common foundation.

Standardized Approach:

ONE Lab provides a standardized approach for all laboratory processes including the usage of lab equipment, materials and procedures. It also addresses the management of procedures, recipes, and resources and handles the execution of lab workflows. This allows the lab to increase efficiency by eliminating paper and manual processes, and improve process knowledge through visualization and analytics.

Role-based User Experience:

ONE Lab speaks in the language of each user, offering a unified role-based user experience for all scientists and managers involved in the laboratory process.  Users can develop and execute methods, recipes and processes with domain-specific templates configured to deliver the appropriate information for each particular role.

Digital Lab Experience:

Through shared access to digital information, One Lab helps eliminate disconnected and paper-based processes that tend to be error-prone. Compliance is improved through templates, standard work practices and rapid reporting with all information aggregated and standardized from one source.

Knowledge Capture:

The ONE Lab solution connects lab-to-plant workflows and information across the product lifecycle from ideation to commercialization supporting research, product development and production. Through Knowledge Management, Life Sciences companies can improve operational excellence and collaboration and shorten time to market.

Access and sharing of common, relevant data throughout the research, development and manufacturing lifecycle is key in reducing research, development and production times, identifying non-promising product potentials sooner in the process, optimizing the drug development process and accelerating the product release while maintaining quality. This requires collaboration from inception through product commercialization that is reliant upon a single data foundation.  To learn more, download the solution brief.