New Horizons for Tier-1 Supplier to Many Leading Aircraft Programs

A worldwide manufacturer of power transmission systems continuing its long history of delivering quality, innovative products, Safran Transmission Systems (formerly Hispano-Suiza) set off on a mission to digital transform the way they work. A Tier-1 supplier to many leading aircraft programs, the company’s products are found in aircraft ranging from business and regional aircraft to military transports, and from mainline commercial jets to fighters and helicopters.

With the ultimate goal to gain program efficiencies and advance how they design and manufacture high performance, reliable products, the company’s first step was to simplify support by reducing the number of software systems.

A Heritage of Innovation

Based outside of Paris and led by CEO Hélène Moreau-Leroy, the company entered into an agreement with Rolls-Royce in 2015  (naming their joint venture Aero Gearbox International) and built a new production plant in Poland. With a rich heritage going back to 1904, Safan Transmission Systems develops products in close coordination with its customers. This customer focus requires an unimpeded data flow between divisions, subsidiaries, subcontractors and partners. To quickly ramp up production on new programs and to meet project deadlines, the company recognized the need to eliminate multiple disparate systems and instead manage all its data in a single system.

Productivity Gains

In a new video and written case study, discover how all of Safran Transmission Systems’ product-related departments now work together and collaborate using an enterprise-wide, digital platform and software: the 3DEXPERIENCE© platform and Co-Design to Target industry solution experience from Dassault Systèmes.  To date, the company realized 30% productivity gains on configuration control tasks using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and software.

Some of the benefits realized in the digital transformation:

  • shorter cycle times and zero-defect design methods with all project stakeholders working on a single product reference of reliable, up-to-date data
  • improved design and engineering performance from greater project visibility and multi-disciplinary collaboration via real-time access to the most up-to-date information
  • increased time spent on high value engineering work by reducing superfluous or time consuming engineering tasks, resulting in higher productivity and improved performance

Says Safran’s Transmission Systems CIO, Charles Manin: “The platform is not simply another system in our IT. It enables us to replace a number of outdated or independent applications that operated in silos with an integrated system that provides us with a global, unified view of our group’s activities.”

Learn more now!  We also invite you to visit us at the upcoming Paris Air Show, June 19-22, in booth E172.

Ellen Mondro

Ellen Mondro

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Ellen Mondro
Ellen Mondro