Making a difference…by supporting sustainable farming


A more environmentally friendly approach to farming results in higher quality products that are ultimately healthier for the consumer. 

-Mirco Maschio

The agriculture industry causes approximately 24% of all global greenhouse gas emissions.

So while, of course, agriculture fulfills the extremely important role of helping to feed the world, it clearly has a major impact on our environment. Italy-based international supplier of agricultural equipment, Maschio Gaspardo, believes that humans have a responsibility to change that statistic.

As part of our new Making a Difference series, we talked to the company’s president, Mirco Maschio, about how he strives to improve the lives of his employees, the local community and the environment – including dramatically reducing greenhouse gases, protecting soil and creating more sustainable manufacturing plants.

Hear him in his own words below, and also discover in his profile in Compass magazine. You’ll learn there how Maschio Gaspardo uses the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to make its equipment more environmentally responsible, but also about their community programs build skills for the changing job market. Maschio also shared some of what they do to help employees shrink their carbon footprint, including outfitting the company’s carpooling system with hybrid cars and charging stations.

“The firm’s initiatives represent the way daily business practices are evolving in response to a changing world and a new sense of responsibility toward society,” Maschio said. “Sustainability is not only a responsibility for us, but also an opportunity for us to improve the future for our children.”




Alyssa Ross

Alyssa Ross

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