Local Motors and Tomorrow

If you know me a bit personally or professionally, then you know how I can get revved up about somewhat geeky topics. I’ve been through an immersive VR wave, and now ‘the new automotive industry’ has floated onto my interest radar.  No, not how the OEMs will phoenix out of the crisis.  I’m talking about the grassroots revolution that’s percolating in garages and homes near you.  

One of the leaders of this revolution is Local Motor’s Jay Rogers.  I’ll be with him and the rest of the automotive revolution crew tomorrow at the Community Based eCar Development Conference.  Please ping me if you have any questions you’d like me to ask Jay or the others (see link for more names).

And to get you in the mood, here’s a video showing what Local Motors has already accomplished.  A car by the people for the people, The Rally Fighter:

There may be some Twitter activity during the conference under #ecarconf

More soon,