Le Bourget 2011 – Paris Air Show Rocks!

Big Frog Paris Air Show Le Bourget 2011 Dassault Systemes

As I was at the Paris Air Show (le Bourget) yesterday, I thought you might enjoy some pictures and a video of what we can see there.

You remember Big Frog? A project we once supported in our Passion for Innovation program? Well it was located right in the center of the show and its team is as ready as they can be for this September Reno Air Race! Big Frog pilots told me they only needed some final testing for the engine and by mid-August they will fly to the US to get the plane prepared and tested for the race.

It’s pretty amazing to see how excited the team is: they were just like children when they were talking about the plane, you can definitely tell they love it! I’m so looking forward to September, we’ll keep you updated with the race outcome but I’m sure they will rock it! GO BIG FROG! 🙂

Solar Impulse Paris Air Show Bourget 2011 Dassault Systemes

Other notable thing was obviously Solar Impulse which was the special guest of the show. However, as you can see from the pictures and video, it wasn’t the perfect weather we could have hoped for so the plane didn’t fly… too bad!

Anyway, here is a short overview of what you can experience at this year’s Paris Air Show, obviously starring Big Frog:

[youtube width=”465″ height=”286″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJHUH3CcOxQ

Were you there? Tell us what interested you the most!