iPhone + Photos + 3D Objects = Yum!

I know. The photo looks a little funky. But it was taken with an iPhone yesterday just after Brent Hoberman from mydeco.com spoke at #DSDEVCON09.

I realize you may be confused. What’s that 3D chair doing next to Brent?

Ah hahhhhhh!

Well you see . . . Gerald and Stéphane from our R&D department have been busy developing some 3D fun for iPhone.

Here’s the story behind the photo:

3DVIA CEO Lynn Wilson asked Brent to stay onstage after his presentation and sit in the groovy black chair you see in the photo. Then Gerald whipped out his iPhone and took a photo of the scene and, from 3dvia.com, imported the 3D model into the photo.

So what?

Well think about it. You’re at home and want to talk home deco with your spouse. There’s a sofa model that’s caught your eye, but you’re not sure how it will look in your living room. So you use your iPhone to take a picture of your living room and import through 3dvia.com various 3D models of REAL sofas, i.e., sofas sold on mydeco.com. This is the closest thing to having the real thing delivered to your home to try-then-buy. Yet no trips to the store, no credit card downpayments, no delivery men in your house.

Do you like it?

With the help of Gerald and Stéphane, I made a modest little video that shows how it works:

Of course it can be used for frivolous means as well. Check out these snapshots Stéphane passed me:

Coming soon to App Store . . .