Introducing 3D Generative Innovator

The 3D Generative Innovator role enables a continuous Level of Development that seamlessly connects the conceptual design model with the fabrication model. It supports architects in designing, exploring and validating variants of complex, repetitive, and non-regular shapes and patterns with an intuitive algorithmic approach.

The software takes a unique approach in developing architectural geometry. Unlike traditional solutions for visual scripting, it does not require designers to immediately immerse themselves in the world of nodes and connections. Instead, designers can begin modeling elements directly in a familiar 3D view. A few clicks reveal the logic underneath. From there, designers can layer more intricate rules that extend the original model’s driving principles. This ability to layer and extend design logic from conceptual design and beyond is a powerful tool for adding intelligence to complex concepts.

The 3D Generative Innovator role takes a powerful parametric design technology and presents it in a clean, easy-to-understand format. This means that architects can spend more time establishing important relationships in their designs while spending less time “programming” the solution.

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The Future of Architectural Design

Iterative conceptual design functionality and integrated digital fabrication are hallmarks of  the future of architectural design and construction. The industry is refocusing efforts away from documentation and rework, towards design innovation, leveraging craft and expert knowledge, and operational flexibility.

CO Architects envisions infinite outcomes achievable through a seamless process from concept to production-level design. This unlimited creativity is driven by the 3D Generative Innovator role.

Simple, accessible solution.

The xGenerative Design application within the 3D Generative Innovator role is virtually instantaneous to get up-and running. Because it is a browser-based cloud solution, there is no need to install code, manage files, or be tied to a high-end CAD workstation. The program can run on any device, from anywhere, and at any time. Designers can take it with them to visit partners, fabricators, and clients. Moreover, users can receive design updates by simply refreshing the browser. Instant understanding of design changes.

CO Architects’ complex healthcare and laboratory projects require a rigorous space planning process, which has pushed the firm to seek ways to drive the composition of building program space through more automated means. Every change to building massing, location and other factors impacts the total project cost. By automatically updating the cost impact as a result of changes, there are no surprise cost overruns at the project end. While the firm had explored ways to animate the change in cost visually through parametric models, the 3D Generative Innovator role simplifies this process. And being a cloud-based solution, the architect can easily and instantly share the real-time cost impacts of design changes with clients.


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