The Near Zero Effort Approach to More Robust Mine Plans

It seems like there is never enough time to be fully confident that the plans you develop are economically robust and realistically executable. Or is there? Can integrated automated mine planning be an option of the future?

So what if you could produce mine plans to a defined level of confidence using simulation and decision support; understand the driving factors and levers in your mining process; increase confidence in your Strategic and Tactical plans before execution; have off the shelf plans that prepare you for virtually any contingency and bring down planning activities from weeks to days?

Integrated automated mine planning

New technology for Operation Modeling and Simulation in mining enables you with process automation for geology, planning, strategic planning, and scheduling software pulling together vast sources of information into fully optimized, integrated automated mine planning that can then be turned into executable mine schedules.

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Mark Bese

Mark Bese

Industry Marketing Director at Dassault Systèmes
Mark Bese is Industry Marketing Director for Energy & Materials at Dassault Systèmes.