Inside the Dassault Systèmes Acquisition

Curious to know the reactions of the Exalead and Dassault teams now that they’d had some time to digest the news of the acquisition?  I’ve been meeting with members of both teams to gather their perspectives in the “Inside the Dassault Systèmes Acquisition” series on the Exalead blog. Below are excerpts. I invite you to visit to learn more!

Sébastien Richard – Exalead Public Web Engine sebastien-richard

“The most exciting aspect of this acquisition for me is not the technology match, but the philosophical match. While it’s true we share a strong R&D culture, it’s ultimately not the technology per se that interests either of us, but rather what you can do with it. If we do our jobs right, the technology disappears.”

Christophe Chotteau – Exalead Pre-Sales Engineering


“As Dassault works with core enterprise processes and systems, I think we’ll be brought into the picture much earlier, when the client is in the process of rethinking fundamentals and can reflect on our offering in an infrastructure context.  And I think in those situations we’ll bring some real energy to the table. We can complement Dassault’s deep structural solutions with fast, visible up-front results.”

Lynne Wilson – Dassault Systèmes 3DVIALynne-Wilson-small

“What if we routinely ran 3D models ready to be uploaded to though an Exalead search filter BEFORE publishing to — Exalead could suggest attributes for the user to accept or reject before publishing to  That’s an entirely different user experience than one which requires people to tag content for it to be searchable.  A small step for Exalead, a huge step for 3DVIA user experience.  And this is just the beginning!”

Jean Marc-Lazard – Exalead Innovation Labs (Exalabs)


“I think the Web innovations we’ve developed through Exalabs and Quaero are ideal for enhancing ENOVIA. These technologies can extend the universe of content available to ENOVIA, make it easier to track and support products through the consumer phases of their lifecyles (with, for example, e-reputation monitoring), as well as making it easier for everyone – especially consumers! – to get involved in the product lifecycle from inception.”

Laura Wilber – Exalead MarketingLaura-Wilber-photo

“I think the union of Exalead and Dassault shows people are finally realizing search is no longer simply a text box on a web page, but rather a core infrastructure for building consumer and business applications…What will happen when we put the visual language of 3D and the natural language of search together? When a core enterprise system like PLM is connected up with all other enterprise resources – even the Web? I don’t have the answers yet, but the ideas are already flying, and I’m looking forward to letting the world know what we’re up to…”

Bruno Delahaye – Dassault ENOVIA

bruno diver

“ Search-Based Applications will modernize information access and give plenty of perspectives for all our brands, with a specific emphasis for ENOVIA. [For example,] instead of deploying sourcing services centered on data already identified in their engineering bases, our customers could extend the search to CRM, ERP and even more interesting, selected suppliers’ web catalogs. Sourcing parts or completing a BOM with metadata can now truly leverage the power of the Web and the depth of the information outside the company firewall. A true game changer and certainly a unique competitive advantage.”


As VP of Business Development, Morgan Zimmerman leads Exalead’s new strategic market development initiatives.