Industry Marketplaces in the Age of Experience

The newest issue of Dassault Systèmes’ corporate thought-leadership magazine, Compass, is out!  The main focus in on Industry Marketplaces in the Age of Experience.  Across five articles in the cover section, we look at the emerging presence of online marketplaces, and how these digital experience platforms are transforming the way companies trade and interact. The new economy is organized around marketplaces where supply and demand meet, both locally and globally.  These marketplaces – think Amazon, Uber and AirBnB – are transforming society…and increasingly, the world of business. The real and the virtual are colliding, complimenting and amplifying each other to product goods and experiences.

We look at the rise of B2B marketplaces as well as how technologies like blockchain are contributing to their success and how these marketplaces are changing the way professionals sell.

The issue is full of articles on other topics too, such as:

  • A look into why people crave personalization in their products
  • Why researchers are racing to adapt lithium ion cells to meet new demand
  • As technology and demographics transform industry, how educators, businesses and governments are creating programs and credentials to meet the demand for new workforce skills Screen reader support enabled.

Read this issue now to discover these stories and much more!  And we invite you as well to learn more about Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace.

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Alyssa Ross

Alyssa Ross

Alyssa is a Communications Director on the Dassault Systèmes Corporate Publishing team. She’s been part of DS for over 18 years, in roles ranging from public relations to marketing programs. Twitter: @DS_Alyssa