How we can search and tag rich media and 3D?

Search is entering our life everywhere. Remember how we looked for information pre-Google and during the early Internet era? I think you’ve probably forgotten how far we’ve come with search technologies since just a decade ago (1998). Take a look at this short video about Search Engines Commercials from 1998.

After you experiment with search for some time, you probably understand that to find something is only the beginning. The second part of the search experience is to store or be able use the specific part of information you found. In the early days we stored favorite links, but this is really not that useful these days. In one of my blog posts on plmtwine, I’ve been discussing how it’s possible to use tagging to easy classify various types of information.

Now, you probably will ask me- what next? I was very impressed to see the public technological preview by Exalead presenting speech-to-text, phonetic search and named entity recognition technology in their product Voxalead. What was interesting is that this technology combined rich media (video and voice) search with the ability to point and mark on a specific place in these media. So, we can combine search media and tagging. This is really cool!

To show more specific examples, I created two cases. One of them is a video search for “Google”. As you can see, a specific point in this video shows place and text transcription of place where the name “Google” was mentioned. So you don’t need to spend your time and watch the whole video, you can go directly to specific place.

Another example is search in an audio stream that contains the name “Bernard Charles”. The same cool result! I can go directly to the place where Bernard’s name is mentioned and listen exactly to this portion of the audio stream.

So, I hope you enjoyed these examples. I’m sure, in the future, we will find additional ways to explore information and media and 3D. I’m expecting more Search, Tagging and 3D technologies to provide a great adventure for people looking for new products, information and media.

Best, Oleg

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