How to Create Products for Our Digital Future?

Have you ever thought about what will be the future of product creation, manufacturing and consumer experience?

Very often we live in our own domains in our own closed environments. However, boundaries are difficult to sustain for the long-term. Life is dynamic, and changes are being generated all the time from user experiences, communication and other technological and social aspects.

It is not always simple to get a cross-domain perspective. So, I will try and offer you examples of existing and future technologies and experiences to show my perspective on how tomorrow’s products will be designed, created, manufactured and sold.

Design Experience. Do you remember how we designed products in the past? Paper, drawings etc.? Nowadays innovation in product design and creation change the way we can think about our future’s products. Design becomes more realistic, 3D, immersive.

Manufacturing and Supply Experience. Internet and online experiences will completely change the way we are doing B2B communication. I think this will have a direct impact on supply chain and manufacturing. As manufacturers spec products, their bill of materials will be dynamically priced based on global pricing information delivered to their CAD and PLM systems online from available global marketplaces.

Consumer Experience. Everything will be designed, manufactured and supplied digitally. Does it mean our consumer experience will be changed too? Yes, of course. We will start to consume things differently.  Our shopping experiences in stores and online will be different and this will be a direct impact of fully digitally created products manufactured on demand.

So, I hope you enjoyed videos and maybe got my perspective of future digital product design, manufacturing and consuming.

I’m looking forward your thoughts and comments.

Best, Oleg

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