Happy 1st Birthday to the LinkedIn Future Realities Community!

42-17018713Last year, on this very date, we announced the opening of our new LinkedIn community, Future Realities.  As we said that day:

At Dassault Systèmes, we are driven by a goal to help people imagine sustainable innovations capable of harmonizing product (the economy), nature (the environment) and life (the people). We believe that ‘if we ask the right questions, we can change the world.’  We are passionate about helping leaders in a range of industries around the world create innovative ways to advance and optimize our path to the future. To support our mission, we are excited to announce that we have formed a new community on LinkedIn called Future Realities.”

We founded the community as an interactive space for thought leaders from different industries all around the world to discuss big questions about future trends and technologies.  We are so pleased to witness how strongly the community has been embraced by LinkedIn members.  In just one year, we are closing in on 25,000 members who have started 820 discussion threads and added 4300 comments.  Every day, our members engage on topics ranging from the environment to artificial intelligence to shifts in the world economy.  We invited writers from The Economist and the Wall Street Journal to contribute articles, and along with our community members posting their own questions, we have learned much from reading compelling – and competing! – points of view about the future.  We’ve even recently asked our members to send in their questions on how the internet may soon revolutionize the industrial sector, for a chance to be featured in a video from WSJ.

There is always room for others who are excited to kick around ideas about the next big thing, so if you are not already a member, become one today! You can immediately share your own questions, or jump into any number of discussion topics.  Here are a few of our community’s recent favorites.

Thanks to everyone who has made the community what it is this past year.  We look forward to continued spirited discussions on what the future might hold…including topics that we can’t even yet imagine!

Alyssa Ross

Alyssa Ross

Alyssa is a Communications Director on the Dassault Systèmes Corporate Publishing team. She’s been part of DS for over 18 years, in roles ranging from public relations to marketing programs. Twitter: @DS_Alyssa