Happy 1st Birthday 3D Perspectives! Magic 7 Discussions . . .


Get the cake ready, we’re gonna make a wish and blow out the candle tomorrow at ECF! Excuse me if I sound like a weepy parent, but it’s hard to believe our baby’s growing up so fast! Sniff!

According to Babycenter.com, we can expect a 12-month-old to reach developmental milestones like “taking his first steps” and “new kinds of play.” I particularly like the words of wisdom, “remember, your child is an individual.”

And 3D Perspectives is taking on its own personality in a way, n’est-ce pas? This is reflected by your favorite posts and discussions, which are driving 3D Perspectives’ development.

Since 3D Perspectives is a blog and not a child, rather than flipping through the “Jr.’s First Year” family photo album here’s a look at the TOP 25 most read posts (according to Xiti). (Then I’ll get to the most discussed.)

Which is your favorite?

  1. Design Visualization Contest
  2. iPhone + Photos + 3D Objects = Yum!
  3. CATIA Design Visualization Contest WINNERS
  4. Visual Search Engines
  5. Speed Dating @DS Campus
  6. Sustainable Use of Light
  7. 3D Format Wars COLLADA dae
  8. SCC Day 1: Abbott Vascular Sets the Tone for Innovation
  9. How to become an online 3D TV director?
  10. PLM as the Enterprise Backbone: Emerging with Advantage
  11. Three Questions for Frank Gehry
  12. SCC Day 2: Jaguar, Coca-Cola and Weatherford Accelerate Product Development with Abaqus
  13. Cloud Watching
  14. The BioIntelligence Project
  15. Driving for Green: a mini poll
  16. Yes We Can Simulate This
  17. Cloud computing for video games . . . true or not?
  18. This is Not a Cereal Box
  19. How does employment slot into the future of PLM?
  20. What is Green PLM?
  21. Eye Tracking Super Power with Tobii
  22. Say it in 3D!
  23. Is Dassault Systèmes a Design Company?
  24. Coming soon from SolidWorks—the Engineering Stimulus Package
  25. The future of realtime 3D rendering cloud computing

Now . . . the discussions. There are a few memorable ones I’d like to highlight for their quality. I couldn’t really figure out a ranking, that’s up to you, so I’ve listed them in chronological order.

Here’re the Magic Seven:

  1. Say it in 3D!
  2. Do Designers Really Want to Communicate in 3D?
  3. The New General Motors
  4. Can you ‘shake the pepper’ with Natal?
  5. Cloud computing for video games . . . true or not?
  6. Visual Search Engines
  7. 3D Format Wars! COLLADA (.dae)

A BIG THANK YOU to all the 3D Perspective bloggers, readers, subscribers, commenters and re-tweeters. It wouldn’t be the same withoutcha!

So now for Year 2, what’s next? Well, it depends . . . what would YOU like next?