Hannover Messe and Digital Intellectual Property

German Chancelor Angela Merkel French Prime Minister François Fillon Eric Besson Bernard Charlès augmented reality 3DS dassault systèmes systemes systems system intellectual property hannover fair messe

Yesterday Bernard Charlès attended the world’s largest industrial trade show Hannover Messe.  European politicians such as Chancelor Angela Merkel, PM François Fillon and Minister Eric Besson ended up meeting with Bernard and discussed preeminent issues.  Notably how to live up to our growing energy needs.

Many of us agree that only through collaboration and digital experimentation can we innovate at the level required for real breakthroughs.  In fact it’s difficult to be an industrial today without doing so.

But this begs the question:  what about digital intellectual property?  Are there appropriate policies in place that align with practices like co-creation, crowdsourcing, or more traditional processes?

Bernard shared his thoughts on Hannover Messe and intellectual property (IP) protection at the 3DS stand.  Please watch this little video to hear what he thinks:

Virtual goods or physical products, do you think current IP policies stand up to our needs?