Hands-On Medical VR @ swYm

PSS dice view

No, this is not a dice game. It’s a serious VR system for medical professionals and specialists in other areas such as Oil & Gas, and training and simulation.

Today at the swYm conference, Personal Space Technologies’ Director, drs. Arjen Brinkman, kindly coached me through my first try with Personal Space Station (PSS). Unlike the targeted end-users, I didn’t get to hold a pumping human heart in my hands, but I did get to play around with 3D clay modeling.

You can see in the below photo that Arjen even modeled my name.

PSS kate

The problem with hospital technology is that you mostly end up with compromised 3D data that loses information necessary for accurate diagnostic and treatment decisions. For example, you could have a fancy 3D MRI machine, but the display screen is 2D which squashes the 3D information. You just can’t see everything, and details matter in medicine!

Here’s a 21st Century Business video that explains and shows the technology in action. You’ll note an interview with the same Arjen who modeled my name.

At a time in the Life Sciences industry where we hear a lot of talk about nanoscience, etc., I’m happy to have come across a technology that’s so tangible and ready for mainstream usage. Dare I say it’s “lifelike”?

Many thanks Arjen for your initiation. I look forward to following your company and am happy to see VR working its magic in the healthcare world.



P.S. Personal Space Technologies is a Dassault Systèmes ETCC partner. That stands for Emerging Technology Channel Community.