Gaming Technologies and PLM: Part 4


In the last few posts, I’ve been exploring the parallel between gaming technologies and PLM, including a few examples, especially from the automotive industry.

However, I thought it would make sense to show an interesting bridge between PLM and gaming technologies, through a more concrete example: Peugeot Citroën has been using 3DVIA Virtools for many years, as well as other traditional Dassault Systemes PLM software.

On the following PSA Peugeot Citroën link, you can see a video showing some of their usage of real time 3D, for design reviews and product experiences.

Quite a few other leading automotive OEMs use Virtools for the same purpose, including a European company; the one I’m thinking of isn’t willing to share all what they’re doing with the market though, as they consider it gives them a technological advantage over the competition.

Thanks for your attention! Next post will be made live from the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco (March 23-27, 2009), where 3DVIA will have a major presence and make some announcements.

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